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Toronto Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest Councillor By-Election Vote for Anna Sidiropoulos by Mail

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Eligible voters can choose an alternative to in-person voting for the 2023 by-election for Councillor Ward 20, Scarborough Southwest. Applications for Mail-in Voting packages are being accepted starting:

  • On line applications start Monday, October 23, 2023
  • The deadline to apply is November 10 at 4:30 pm
  • Toronto Elections mails out packages to voters starting November 2
  • Toronto Elections must receive the completed package, by Monday November 27

Mail-in Voting packages will include:

  1. A declaration form that must be signed for your vote to count
  2. An official ballot
  3. A white ballot secrecy envelope
  4. A yellow return envelope with pre-paid postage

You must return your completed package to Toronto Elections by Monday, November 27 at noon (12 p.m.). Return your completed Mail-in Voting package through Canada Post to arrive by November 27, or hand deliver it to a secure Mail-in Voting yellow drop box. There will be two yellow mail-in voting drop box locations within Ward 20, Scarborough Southwest. The drop boxes will be available between November 20 and November 27 at noon (12 p.m.).

If you are out of town when making your application then you must give your mailing address as well as your residency address.  If you are outside Canada, then you must affix appropriate postage. Keep in mind that international postage requires 5-7 business days.

Any questions, call the Toronto Elections team at 416-338-1111 extension 5.

Rebate Guide

Did you know a portion of your donation is eligible for a refund from the City of Toronto?

Write Your Cheque or make a donation:

Here is how the REBATE PROGRAM works:

  • Total contribution of $25 or less
  • Total contributions of $25 and below are not eligible for a rebate
  • Total contribution between $25 and $300
  • Formula: [total contribution amount] x 75%
  • Example: $200 x 75% = $150 rebate
  • Total contributions over $300 but no more than $1,000
  • Formula: [total contribution amount – $300] x 50% + $225
  • Example: [$650 – $300] x 50% + $225 = $400 rebate
  • Total contributions of more than $1,000
  • Formula: [total contribution amount – $1,000] x 33.33% + $575
  • Example: [$1,200 – $1,000] x 33.33% + $575 = $641.67 rebate

  • For more information we encourage you to visit the Toronto Elections website.

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